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Uvonair In-Duct 10″ Ozone Generator – CD-1000/2

  • Are you sure your odor is being eliminated? Be sure with Uvonair! The ONLY choice for quality INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ODOR ELIMINATORS! It doesn’t just mask odors, IT DESTROYS IT!
  • Uvonair® odor eliminators generate ozone, one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents!
  • Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odors.
  • The Uvonair® CD-1000-1, Single Cell and the Uvonair® CD-1000-2, Two Cell In-Duct Ozone Models are high output Corona Discharge generators that produces more ozone than any others known at this time.
  • It is adjustable to match the ozone demand load for odor control as well as provide energy conservation in low demand periods The CD generator does not require servicing.
  • Uvonair® CD-1000-1 is ideal for rooms from 10,000 cu.ft (300 m3) up to 20,000 cu.ft. (600 m3)
  • Uvonair® CD-1000-2 is ideal for rooms from 20,000 cu.ft (600 m3) up to 40,000 cu.ft. (1200 m3)
  • Both models install into 10-inch (25 cm) ducts to treat the air as it is being exhausted
  • Both models come equipped with an adjustable (HIGH/LOW/OFF) switch
  • Both models can be installed into other size ducts using adapters* (however, larger ducts may compromise airflow). Uvonair® CD models are recommended in larger ducts and high odor situations.
  • Works in areas with high HUMIDITY
  • Works in a wide range of TEMPERATURES
  • DEODORIZES grow rooms
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY creating no hazardous waste!
  • Full one year warranty
  • No maintenance required