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Solis Tek 600w – MH – 6000K – DE Lamp

  • High end 600W Metal Halide ( MH ) double ended ( DE ) lamp by SolisTek.
  • The 6K MH is a pulse-start full spectrum lamp used for vegetative growth to encourage shorter node spacing and bushier plants.
  • Solistek double ended lamps feature premium quartz glass for enhanced spectrum and penetration to your plants which results with higher quality and yield.
  • Colour Enhanced Full Balanced Spectrum
  • Less depreciation of PAR and lumen output over time
  • Precise gas combination for increased blues, reds and UV
  • True High Frequency Technology & proper UV balance
  • Advanced HID lamp design for prolonged lamp life
  • Designed for commercial application
  • Made for quality, consistency and yield
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