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Quest F9 FAN – Industrial Air Mover 925 CFM

  • The Quest F9 is a low-profile industrial air mover that easily fits into your garden where space is coveted.
  • Quest concluded that grow tables are trapping CO2 underneath the plants because it’s heavier than air.
  • This makes it more difficult for your plants to absorb CO2 needed for plant growth.
  • In addition, the F9 has no lights for maximum darkness of your garden.
  • The F9 may also be daisy chained together with up to 6 total fans on a single 15 Amp circuit.
  • The F9 circulates 925 cu ft of air per minute at 1.9 Amps.
  • Onboard circuit breaker with GFCI protection and 20 ft 110 V power cord.

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