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Pipp Premium Rolling Benches

  • Pipp Horticulture’s Premium Rolling Benches are our most versatile solution in our family of movable grow system.
  • This system is designed to accommodate the ability to easily add additional grow levels in the future in a phased build-out approach as your facility needs expand.
  • 6’ High or Taller White Bulk Rack Uprights are constructed of high strength steel with a white powder coat finish which is UV-Stable and contains anti-microbial and fungal-resistant additives.
  • Trellising and lighting equipment can easily be attached to the uprights.
  • The uprights also allow for adjusting the height of grow trays on 2” increments.
  • White ABS Grow Trays are designed with a built-in slope and can be removed individually for easy cleaning and changing.
  • These trays have a Korad® cap to provide UV-stable, anti-microbial and fungal-resistant features.
  • They also provide reflectivity of light for plant growth.
  • Mechanical-Assist Carriages are corrosion-resistant, marine grade aluminum which allow for virtually effortless movement of multiple carriages simultaneously for easy aisle access and floor cleaning.
  • Eliminates misalignment issues that are common with traditional rolling benches.
  • Stainless Steel Track inserts and Carriage Wheels are rust resistant.
  • 3-Prong Handle is ergonomically designed and easily accessible rather than reaching under the rolling bench for a handle.
  • The 3-prong handle creates easy carriage movement by offering comfortable maneuverability from 3 positions.
  • These handles are equipped with a push-button aisle safety locks with identifiable red/green indicators.