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Hortilux NH940B/HTL/EN – Bulb – 940w

  • The Hortilux Eye Ultra Ace 1000-watt conversion lamp is an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp that operates on a Metal Halide (MH) system.
  • It changes your Metal-Halide Lighting system into a complete growing light by allowing a bulb change that gives the red-light spectrum needed for plant flowering and fruiting phases.
  • Hortilux Ultra Ace 1000 is completely lead free and has a mogul base. The clear glass universal bulb will function in both the vertical and horizontal positions and lasts about 24,000 hours of life at 2100K. Emits 117,000 lumens. Use the Hortilux Ultra Ace 1000 in a 1000-watt metal halide ballast.
  • Carries the EN designation that means its environmentally friendly in that the lamps pass EPA, TCLP test criteria as nonhazardous waste.
  • Dimensions: 15.08″ Long x 3.11″ Wide

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Dimensions 15.08 × 3.11 cm