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Dramm Rain Wand Touch N Flow – Assorted Lengths & Colors / 170PL – 400PL

  • The Dramm Rain Wand™ is ideal for watering flowerbeds, gardens, and shrubs.
  • With the Rain Wand™, you can apply large quantities of water quickly at the plant base, where it soaks deep into the soil.
  • The lever activated shut-off valve reduces overall water consumption by applying water where and when you want it.
  • Roots grow deep and the plant is protected from water stress while it receives the constant nutrition it needs.
  • Touch N Flow Sunrise models have an anodized aluminum extension handle, lever activated water shut-off, color matched Water Breaker nozzle.
  • Lightweight and durable feel and has rubber over mold for additional protection at the natural wear-point.
  • Ergonomic insulated grip
  • Available in four colors: red, green, blue and berry
  • Lifetime consumer guarantee.


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